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  • Can I upload content on my channel, or can I dub your lectures in our language so people can benefit?"
    Yes, you may upload, share, dub any of our content, there's no need for credits, you can edit it however you wish, may Allah accept it from you and reward you abundantly. Ameen
  • Who does the 'Hayya 'Alal Falaah' in all your intros and do you have the full version?
    Unfortunately, we don't have the full version of the adhan, the snippet you hear in our intros is all that we have.
  • What happened to your old lectures from the prophet series and from the seera of the prophet Muhammad SAW?
    We've had to delete them, because of controversial speakers used in those lectures, you can find the updated versions of the prophet series and the seera of the prophet Muhammad SAW in our second channel.
  • Who are the speakers used in your lectures?
    Most speakers or lecturers can be found on the actual video when being played, usually within the 10-20 second mark of the video, alternatively it can be found in the descriptions of the videos, and if none is applicable then please do send us a message.
  • What is the Humming Nasheed used in the background of your videos?
    Most Humming Nasheeds can be acquired straight through YouTube, please type Humming Nasheed on the YouTube search bar and you will find them In'sha'allah, if not, then message us and we will try our best to help you find it. All of our Humming is without musical instruments.
  • Why do you use advertisements on your vidoes, did you know some of them are inappropriate?"
    We use advertisements so we can support ourselves, making and editing these videos take a huge amount of time and effort, most of the advertisements are user friendly but at times we understand that inappropriate ad does appear, please skip these advertisements, may Allah forgive us all. Ameen
  • How can I donate and support your channel?
    Firstly, may Allah reward you for your intentions, we currently have three ways you can support us, through Patreon, PayPal and GoFundMe, please press the 'support Us' tab on the top of the page.
  • Which group do you follow?
    We follow Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jama'ah.
  • I've commited a major sin, will Allah forgive me?"
    The Prophet SAW informed us that, 'Oh son of Adam, if you come to me with enough sins to fill the Earth and you meet me without associating a partner with me, I will come to you with enough forgiveness to fill the earth.' (At-Tirmidhi). Any major sin requires earnest repentance and the resolve never to return to the sin again. Repentance from major sins requires that one makes wudu, prays two cycles of prayer, and then makes a heartfelt dua to Allah to forgive them. One may make one prayer of repentance for all sins together, though it would be optimal to make a seperate Tawbah for each sin or occasion of the same sin. Once you have sincerely repented and resolved in your heart not to return to the sin, then you should assume that you have been forgiven, consider the matter finished, and that you will not be held to account for it.
  • Are you a scholar, can you advise me on a certain matter?"
    No, we are not scholars, so please contact your local scholars and teachers, but we can advise you to the right directions In'sha'allah.
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